Born 5.74 Billion Years Ago
Status Immortal
Occupation Rogue Angel

Species Angel
Gender Male
Family members Angels(Angelic Brethren)
Jeremiah (Younger Brother)

Significant kills Nergal

"Get up you almost kill the women I love. I dispise you and your filthy mutated species. Your kind pollute my father's world, you put your faith in a false idol! I swear how my little brother could alies an abomination such as you is beyond me. Now get up! Get up so I can knock you down!" This one for you bonnie my sweethart Azrael to Nergal before killing him...

Azrael is a fallen angel and main antagonist of The Secret Wars. He is an ancient and powerful being who acted mainly as an older brother to Jeremiah in the past however durring Lucifer's rebellion the two found themselves on opposite sides. They are now sworn enemies though they still share some feelings of loyalty to eachother. Before Azrael restored his physical form he appeared as a being comprised of black smoke.

After time passed he was able to restore his powers enough to take on a corporal form. Once he did this he murdered Bonnie Bennet's asalent nergal


Azrael while deeply caring for his race holds a great deal of respect towards humans especially witches. He sees them as warriors of good on God's earth. He becomes Bonnie lover believing he is given brother from committed as a sister being involved with a witch.

Azrael's love of witches and humans comes from a belief that they have done God the creator of all life. He views all witches regardless of their beliefs as little more than pure. Belief once shared by Jeremiah.when know of bonnie almost murdered by azrael's rival the Rouge azrael join forces with sydney sage and the mori and damphers alike to stop the bloodshed jacob turned himself into Ultra Alpha to stop rouge


"It's been a while little brother. I must confess I do miss you Jeremiah. After all these centuries we both know it should be you standing at my side but those days are gone regrettably. Now you and I are enemies..."Azrael to Jeremiah



Azrael's spirit form before remanisfesting his physical body.

The Dark One

The Hunter