Cauldwell Foundation, Attorneys at Law was a fortune 500 company. The Cauldwell Foundation was actually a front organization for Robert Cauldwell, an ancient vampire who enforced his dominance over the company through a cabal of witches and warlocks known euphemistically as the "Council."

As of 2002, the company had branches in every major city in the world, as well as satellite offices in many areas of the world where they helped track the firms investments and uncover new witches and their grimoires.


"Are you tired of the persecution, of the crime? Then come down and support your local Cauldwell Foundation branch. Together we believe we can change the world for the better, so please won't you be apart of the Foundation to a better tomorrow?"

- a commerical advertising CF.

As a fortune 500 company CF didn't have only a single interest. Aside from a Legal Department the firm's exploits extended to other areas, thus it maintained departments of Real Estate, Entertainment, Science and Research and Intelligence.

Special OperationsEdit

In addition to the many legal functions of the firm performed, CF also maintained a Special Projects Division. Special Projects was responsible for a wide range of activites, from sponsoring high-profile charity events to hiring assassins to kill individuals deemed threatening to the Council. Among the resources at the division's disposal was a heavily-armed special operations team codenamed RRTS (Rapid Response Tatical Squad) which carried out kidnapping and the like at the companies (Council's) behest.

Human ResourcesEdit

CF was careful and extremely paranoid when it came to the hiring of fresh employees. It conducted random sweeps of employees, using black magic and mind compulsion to find workers who were disloyal to the company. When discovered a department head at CF could use discretion when dealing with insubordination. If a manager thought highly enough of an employee, he or she could decide to forgo punishment in favor of a second chance. If not on good terms with the department head these individuals were often compelled through magic or vampiric assistance to commit suicide.

Since many of the employees and some clients of the Foundation were non-human, many amenities were offered within the building ranging from special safe rooms for werewolves on a full moon, blood was also kept 'on tap' for those who needed it.

The windows in the buildings were made of a special glass that blocked the fatal effects of sunlight so vampires could walk around freely without an enchanted Lapis Lazuli ring or necklace.