Jasper the Gay Guy

Damien Wilson born May, 2, 1578 in Germany to two unknown parents. He was living a average life and had a wife named Maryland and to kids, Donald and Adolf. Lucifer had arrived in that part of Germany and was the boss of several black markets. Lucifer asked Damien to leave his family and join him on a long-everlasting journey around the world and Damien proudly declined, Lucifer leaving but cooking up something evil. Later that night, Damien had ordered guards from his brother and they sat out front. Lucifer killed both in silence and drained them of all blood. Than heard a growl and left sensing a werewolf even though he could have killed it with ease. The wolf slaughtered Damien's children, his wife and himself who still survived though bleeding out. Lucifer came back and healed Damien and turned him into a vampire before leaving telling him when he is entombed revive him. He is currently residing in Mystic Falls looking to revive Lucifer.