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Elena Gilbert is unfortunately the main female character, the main protagonist and the heroine of Template:The Vampire Diaries. She is an 18 year old human girl who lives in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, with her adoptive brother/ biological cousin Template:Jeremy at 2104 Maple Street. Elena was in a romantic relationship with Stefan Salvatore, a 162 year old vampire, before losing him when he gave himself over to Klaus in exchange for the cure for a werewolf bite to save his brother. However, she also shares a complicated relationship with Stefan's elder vampire brother Damon Salvatore, who is both dangerous and seductive. She attends Mystic Falls High School, where she is a former cheerleader, honor student, and one of the most popular girls in the school. Elena wants to become a great writer; she stated this in a conversation with Stefan, and she has a diary in which she writes everything that happens in her life. Elena has to deal with trying to lead a normal life ever since her adoptive parents died in a car accident and since she became involved in a romantic relationship with a vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan unexpectedly saved Elena's life on May 23, 2009 when her adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert's car went off at Wickery Bridge. He tried to save them but her father, Grayson, insisted on him saving Elena first. When Stefan pulled Elena out of the car, he said that he was shocked and taken back when he saw that Elena looked like Katherine, he could not believe the uncanny resemblance between the two. Stefan then took Elena to the Mystic Falls General Hospital, and had been watching her ever since for about four months, and learning about her to make sure that she is safe and not at all Katherine Pierce, or like her. Elena said that it was a "miracle" that she had survived such a horrific and tragic car accident and she questioned how it was in any way possible that she survived and made it out of the car. After she discovers the secret of the Salvatore brothers, Elena has to deal with murders and lies in her life as well as with supernatural events and characters. She is described as a star student. She is popular, sporty, smart, kind hearted, compassionate, selfless, empathetic, caring and nice. She can be rather vulnerable and a damsel in distress, although she does possess a strong-willed, determined, passionate and fiery streak. This character is a member of the Gilbert and Petrov Family.

Early Life[]

File:1040323 57dd117b-fd5a-416b-92a1-677cc9b49f18-17.jpg

Elena's birth parents

Elena Gilbert was born July 22, 1992 to John Gilbert and a 16 year old teenage girl named Isobel Flemming, who fled after giving birth. Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, John's older brother and sister-in-law, adopted the baby. It was easy to arrange since Grayson delivered Elena and Isobel disappeared. The Gilberts were trying so hard to have a baby but it wasn't happening, so everything fell in perfectly. Elena later learned that she might be a distant relation to Katherine Pierce, the vampire that caused the feud between Stefan and Damon Salvatore back in 1864 and turned both men into Vampires.

File:5262509847 9cff0fd9fe.jpg

Elena writes in her diary.

On May 23, 2009, when driving with her parents and Elena in the backseat of the vehicle, the Gilberts' car unexpectedly crashed into a river near Wickery Bridge . Elena somehow miraculously ended up in the hospital. It was later revealed, that Stefan arrived at the accident scene after hearing the unexpected and tragic event and he saved Elena's life after her father, Grayson, begged him to take care of her first before helping him and Elena's adoptive mother, Miranda. Fortunately, Elena survived the accident, but unfortunately, her adoptive parents died. It was later revealed that John Gilbert, her supposed adoptive uncle, was actually her biological father. It is said that it was Miranda who got Elena to start writing into a diary. ==Season One==Template:I Elena and her younger brother Template:Jeremy were being raised by their Aunt Jenna after their parents died in a car accident. After the death of her parents, she broke up with her childhood best friend, first love and boyfriend, Matt Donovan. After the tragedy of losing both of her parents, Elena makes an attempt to start over and learn how to cope with the tragic loss and start to regain some of her happiness again. When the school year started, Elena meets Stefan Salvatore and is immediately and undeniably drawn, intrigued and attracted to him. Meeting Stefan immediately brought things back to normal for Elena again. Her best friend is Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes. Unknown to her, she is also a doppelganger of Katherine Pierce, someone from Stefan's pastTemplate:I Shortly after meeting Stefan, she started to bond with him. Later on, she asked Stefan to escort her to the Founders' Party, but became angry when he began to keep secrets from her. Eventually, she discovered that he and Damon were vampires, causing her to become hostile towards both of them, until they gained her trust again. When Vicki Donovan was turned into a vampire, she attempted to convince both her and Jeremy to stay away from each other, only to be threatened by Vicki and reprimanded by Jeremy. Template:I At the school's Halloween party, Vicki was killed by Stefan when she lost control of her vampire side, devastating both Elena and Jeremy. As a result of this, she asked Damon to wipe Jeremy's memory of Vicki's death, making him believe she "Had left town and was not coming back. It was for the best." She and Template:Jenna noticed that, as a result of this, Jeremy had stopped doing drugs. Template:IElena was also a witness of Lexi's death at the hands of Template:Damon and of the destruction of Template:Bonnie's talisman in order to prevent Damon from freeing the vampires underneath the tomb, after which she told Bonnie the truth about everything. She got into a car accident when swerving to miss a vampire after spending the night with Template:Stefan, subsequently discovering the photo of Template:Katherine. He almost attacked her, but Damon appeared just in time to save her life. A pizza guy named Noah came one night and Jeremy invited him inside. He later turned out to be the vampire that was following her. He showed up at a dance and threatened to kill Jeremy if she didn't leave the dance. Elena ran into the hallway with the vampire following her. She ran into the cafeteria and managed to fight back, stabbing him with pencils, until Stefan and Damon arrived and killed him after interrogating him. He was shown to have been friends with Anna and Ben, fellow vampires. He knew Template:Katherine, which was why he was stalking Elena. Template:IAfter the tomb was opened, and the vampires were released, she helped Damon save Stefan from Frederick and the other vampires who were torturing him. When Frederick stabbed him, Elena gave Stefan her blood so he would survive. She consoled Matt when the news of Vicki's death had been revealed. However, Stefan became addicted to human blood, since he never learned how to control his cravings, and started drinking human blood that he stole from a blood bank behind Elena's back. When Damon told her what he'd been doing, they got into a fight, and Stefan attacked Amber, a girl in the competition for "Miss Mystic Falls," drank her blood, and almost killed her. Elena and Damon locked Stefan in the basement to try to get him back to normal. Template:IWhen Bonnie's grandmother died, Bonnie left town for a while. After she came back, she started to blame Stefan and Damon for her grandmother's death and was angry with Elena. Elena tried to fix things, but Bonnie told her there was nothing she could do, and to just leave her alone. Bonnie came back to school and resents Stefan and Damon because the tomb vampires came out and there was no Katherine, so "Grams died for nothing." When Elena's mother came to town, she and Bonnie repaired their relationship and Bonnie pretended to unspell the Device. It was eventually activated on Founder's Day by John Gilbert. Damon caught up with Elena (who in fact was Katherine) on the porch of her home & they shared a passionate kiss, which was interrupted by Jenna. The night ended with Elena arriving home after someone had taken her stuff. After entering the house, she heard a noise in the kitchen and went to investigate it, unaware that Katherine was in the room who just recently hurt john. ==Season Two==


Elena finds John in the kitchen. "The Return"

Elena headed towards the kitchen and was shocked to find John on the floor bleeding to death. She ran over to him and dialed 911. John let her know that someone was behind her and Elena grabbed the knife Katherine had used earlier to stab John with. She tried looking for the attacker and Katherine just watched her, super speeding around the house, and then Katherine left the house shortly after.


Elena tries to wake Jeremy. "The Return"

Elena remembered that Jeremy was also in the house and ran up the stairs in a hurry to find an unconscious Jeremy, who had just taken her whole bottle of pills and Anna's blood. She shook him hastily and he awakened. Bonnie showed up at the hospital to see how Caroline was doing. Later, Damon offered to give Caroline some blood to make her better, while Elena disagreed, Bonnie told her that they couldn't let Caroline die.


Damon confronts Elena about the kiss. "The Return"

When Elena was alone, Damon confronted her about the kiss they shared, moments into the conversation, Elena's aunt Jenna arrived. Elena and Jenna had a confusing conversation and at that point, Damon found out that it was Katherine he kissed, not Elena. Stefan was watching Jeremy when Katherine arrives posing as Elena, soon Stefan realized it was Katherine and tossed her aside. A sound at the door bid Katherine time to flee. Damon and Elena walked in and Stefan told them that Katherine was just there. He was also not happy when Damon revealed that he kissed Katherine but thought it was Elena. Elena and Stefan later visit John at the hospital, but he showed contempt toward Stefan, offending Elena who left immediately. Later on at the reception for Richard Lockwood, Damon asked Elena about the kiss again, and she said that it was no surprise that he would kiss her, but that it was a surprise that he thought she would kiss him back, hurting Damon immensely. A panicky Bonnie then arrived and told the two that Katherine had left with Stefan and they found him on the Lockwood grounds recovering from a wound Katherine had given him. That night, Elena found Damon drunk in her room. He tried to force her to confess that she loved him, but she denied, insisting that she only loved Stefan. Angered and heartbroken, Damon attempted to turn Jeremy and snapped his neck, much to Elena's horror, but she discovered that Jeremy wore a Gilbert ring which would bring him back.


Elena is captured by Rose and Elijah. "Rose"

Later she was also kidnapped by a vampire named Rose who wanted herself and her friend Trevor to be free, in exchange for Elena. She learned that she must die to break the curse of the moon stone. Elijah, a powerful vampire, one of the Originals, who was trying to get the moonstone heard Elena talking about it. He tried to compel her but failed to do so, because of the vervain necklace. He then rips the necklace from her neck and compels her to tell him where it is. She then is saved by Stefan and Damon, and was brought home. At home Damon comes to give return her necklace which she thought she lost, and before returning her necklace he tells her he loves her, compels her to forget he said it. Elena helps Rose after she is bitten by a werewolf and reassures Damon he's not a monster, after he kills Rose. Elena decides to try to keep out John in her plans with Elijah, and Elena along with Bonnie give support to Caroline after she suffered with the incident with Tyler, Jules, Brady and the other werewolves. Elena then goes with Stefan to the Gilbert Family Lake House to get away from John and everything that was happening. They discovered a secret door containing more of Johnathan Gilbert's journals.


Elena with Stefan at the Gilbert family lake house. "Crying Wolf"

After discovering the Gilbert journals Elena starts to read it and discovers that Stefan was just like Damon back then.She confronts Stefan about and he tells her the story about what he was like back then, and how Lexi was the one that change him. Later Elijah shows up at the lake house, Elena wants to renegotiate, asking him to promise not to harm anyone, but he calls her bluff. She stabs herself in the stomach with a knife and he says she has his word, as she stumbles forward, stabbing him in the chest. He falls to the ground as Stefan feeds her his blood.


Elena stabs herself. "The Dinner Party"

In The House Guest, Elena is shocked and upset that Katherine is free from the tomb, At school she goes to Alaric as they both discus on how Jenna is answering a lot of question about Isobel, Elena states after they take care of Klaus they will tell her everything. Later that evening...Elena ,Bonnie, Caroline and Jenna go to the grill for some dancing , Jonas Martin attacks looking for Elena after Stefan gets her out he use Katherine to pretend to be Elena and attack and end up killing Jonas.


Elena upset about Damon knew that Bonnie is going to be dead. "The Last Dance'

Elena lashes out at John for Isobel's return and the fact that he invited her into the house. Later on Elena sits down and listens to what Isobel has to say. She goes with Stefan to the Lockwood house to accept a check (donation) from the Historical Society for her mother's foundation. Where Katherine then kidnaps her for Isobel. At grove hill cemetery Isobel takes Elena there to show her the grave that Isobel parent make when they could find Isobel body. Isobel then tells Elena that she is sorry that she was a disappointment to her, then she removed her lapis lazuli necklace and burned to death. In The Last Dance, Elena plans on attending the 60's decade dance with her friends and starts receiving disturbing messages from Klaus. She discovers that Bonnie might die if she channels to much power of the witch's power. Elena confronts Damon about because he knew about it and slaps him. But after Damon explains what happen she apologizes to him and then sneaks down in the basement and pulls the dagger from Elijah heart.


Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't want to be a vampire. "The Last Day"

Elena is able to strike up another deal with Elijah. Damon is very unhappy about this, but Stefan accepts that this is what Elena wants to do. Elijah has a special elixir that would bring Elena back from the dead after the sacrifice, but no-one knows if it will work 100% Elena wants to take the risk, but Damon gets upset. He decides he is the only one who knows how to save Elena and so forces her to drink his blood. This would mean that Elena will come back from the dead after the sacrifice but she will be a vampire. This new development causes Elena to break down, and confess to Stefan that "I was supposed to grow up. Decide if I want to have kids and start a family. Grow old. I was supposed to have a lifetime of those choices, and now it's all gone. I don't want to be a vampire, Stefan. I never wanted to be one." Elena then says goodbye to Stefan and is taken away by Klaus for the sacrifice. Elena arrives at the site to find that Klaus had made some changes to the sacrifice and that Jenna was being used as the vampire, having been turned by Klaus. Jules is brought along and all three are placed in fire rings by Greta Martin, Klaus's witch. Klaus then arrives and kills Jules as the first part before adding her blood on the Moonstone that has been set ablaze. As Klaus is about to kill Jenna, Stefan arrives and asks to take Jenna's place but Klaus refuses and stabs Stefan as he says he has other plans for him. He then moves to kill Jenna as Greta breaks the flames, Jenna runs towards her and bites her. However, Klaus gets to her and kills her before she can kill Greta. As he brings Elena out for the final part of the sacrifice, he thanks her and Elena tells him to go to hell. He then drinks her blood and Elena dies.

File:TVD - 2.21 - The Sun Also Rises.avi snapshot 27.51 -2011.05.07 15.49.40-.jpg

Klaus kills Elena and breaks his curse. "The Sun Also Rises"

As Klaus starts to turn, Bonnie arrives and starts attacking him. Damon kills Greta and retrieves Elena so as to bring her back to the witch burial site. Bonnie attacks Klaus to the point of death at which point, Elijah intervenes and goes to finish Klaus but he betrays everyone when Klaus tells him that he can help him find his siblings that Klaus had killed and supposedly buried at sea. Elijah and Klaus escape and Bonnie is unable to stop them. At the burial site, Elena awakens as a human because Bonnie and John had found a spell that could return her to life as a human by binding a parent's life force to hers. As Elena returns to life, John dies. Before the funeral, Jeremy gives her a letter from John and his ring. In the letter, being read by John's voice as the others go to the funeral, he tells her that it is hard to be an ordinary father to an extraordinary daughter and that he had failed her because of his ]prejudices.

File:Tumblr lksu8krjpQ1qbumqbo1 500.jpg


He tells her that he gave his life so that she could remain human and make the choices she wanted to make about having a child and all the choices a human could make. He tells her that the reason he gave her the ring was because he wanted her to give it to her child if she ever had one and that she would therefore succeed where he had failed. Elena is seen crying for both her father, her aunt and her adoptive parents as she places roses on each of their graves. In the last episode of season two she was forced to confront her feelings for Damon after she finds out he is dying. In a encounter in with Damon hallucinates she is Katherine offering blood and he sucks the blood of Elena's neck she tells him to stop and surprisingly he does.


Elena is staying with Damon until the very end. "As I Lay Dying"

Later in his bedroom thinking he is gonna die Damon confesses his feelings to her and tells her he wishes she could have met him in 1864 because she would have liked him, Elena answers she likes him now, just the way he is, and kisses him. Suddenly Katherine appears with the cure and tells them that Stefan traded himself for it and they will likely never see him again but it's alright because she has Damon there to keep her company. Elena is left in shock. ==Season Three==In The Birthday, Elena has just turned 18 and is still desperately trying to find Stefan ever since he left Mystic Falls. She gets a lead fro



m Sheriff Forbes and tells Damon about it. Damon goes with Alaric to Tennessee, while Elena stays with Caroline and Tyler to help in her 18th birthday party. Later that night, Damon gives Elena the necklace that Stefan gave to her once, which she lost a while ago. After Elena discovers that Damon has been looking a lot more for Stefan then she thought, she confronts him about not telling her. Damon tells her that Stefan is gone and is not coming back. At the end of her birthday, she gets a call from Stefan and tells him that she loves him and to hold onto that. Elena is as determined as ever in The Hybrid to find and bring Stefan back home. After unsuccessfully asking Damon for help, Elena goes and seeks help from Alaric. She then finds out information about werewolves and where certain packs could be hanging out from Tyler, specifically those packs in Tennessee. Alaric and Elena head off to the mountains, where they engage in bantering, and her telling Alaric that he's not a lost cause. Damon surprises her and flings her into the lake.



It turned out Alaric sold her out, as he didn't want to take her somewhere without protection. The trio find Ray Sutton in the woods, where he attacks Damon. After bombing him with a wolfsbane grenade, they tie him up, and Elena is determined to ask him the whereabouts of Stefan. Ray starts to change into a werewolf while the sun is up, and they flee. As Damon lures him away, Elena and Alaric run off to the car. Back at the house and in her room, Damon tells Elena that he will help her search for Stefan and bring him back, but he wants her to remember that in Stefan's absence, she was worried about Damon getting hurt, and that she has to remember those feelings. Later Elena with Damon goes to Chicago where Stefan and Klaus are, They go into his apartment and she see a list if all his victims and is shock. Later she hides in the closet when Stefan and Klaus enter only Stefan see her but doesn't say anything . She gets Damon to distract Klaus so she can talk to Stefan and drug him with vervain but it doesn't work.Elena then is hurt when Stefan tells her he doesn't want to see her again. In Disturbing Behavior, Damon is helping Elena make so chill for the Lockwood party and the two share a moment. Later when Damon wants to go after Bill Forbes Elena along with Alaric tries to stop him but Damon kills Alaric in Elena shock, she calls Caroline then for help. After the fight between D


Klaus and Elena " The Reckoning"

amon and Caroline she yells at Damon whats wrong with him he tells her he not Stefan. In The Reckoning, Elena and the others are planning Senior Prank Night when she walks into Klaus he brings her to the gym.Later she watches him turn Tyler into a hybrid. When Stefan enters saying Elena means nothing to him Klaus hits Elena as she falls, Stefan attacks Klaus and gets compelled to attack Elena in 20 minutes. When times up Elena runs away while Stefan tries to follow, Klaus then makes Stefan turn it off and he bites Elena.It is later on revealed that Elena's blood helps create a hybrid. Later Damon saves her from the hospital and brings her to the Salvatore boarding house where she is upset.


Damon and Elena in Damon's Bathroom.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Elena is being train by Alaric . At their first day of senior year , Elena is hurt because its her and Stefan anniversary.Later she meets Stefan where he tells her he's only there to watch her. After this, Elena, Damon and Alaric hunch a plan to capture Stefan . Elena is now chilling on the bleachers all drunk like and pretending to fall. Stefan is there as well telling her not to be stupid. She does end up falling, and he catches her. They have what sort of feels like a moment. But, Alaric shoots him down as plan. They load his body into the car, and Elena gets in. Vicki’s there and spills some gas and throws a cigarette in to make things fun and fiery. Elena’s trapped in the car Vicki’s keeping the locks down so she can’t get out. Elena wakes Stefan who kicks the back door open, and they get out just in time. Damon does some first aid on Elena before Alaric prepares to take her home. Stefan is all like you guys need my protection. He’s also surprised that Elena thinks his humanity can be salvaged – he calls her pathetic. She’s like, nope, I’m strong. She then stabs him.


Elena talks about Contacting Lexi

In Ghost World, Elena ask Jeremy to contact Lexi so she can help Stefan. Once Lexi arrives, her and Elena trap Stefan in an old prison. Lexi begins to drain every inch of blood from Stefan and stabs him multiple times in the chest. Stefan then begins to confess his love for Elena but Lexi tells her not to let him in. In Ordinary People, Elena, Alaric and Damon, are investigating the cave with images about the history of the original family. Elena decides to go to the source of the story: Rebekah. Elena and Rebekah have a long conversation about what happened to her family and the beginnings of the vampires. After discovering what had happened, Elena returns to the cave with Alaric and Bonnie. Elena learns the truth about Esther and her death. Elena returns with Rebekah, who tells her: "Klaus kills your mother, not Mikael, Klaus".



In Homecoming, Elena neutralize Mikael in order for Stefan and Rebekah to attract Klaus to Mystic Falls. Elena and Damon make preparations for the destruction of Klaus. Damon does not trust Mikael, or Stefan, so that tells Elena that has a Plan "B". Use Katherine to avoid putting her on the battlefield. When Matt going to pick up Rebekah, Elena tells him that if he does not mind going with "someone" else. Eventually, Matt and Elena (actually Katherine) arrive at the party, but they learn that Klaus is planning something. When Mikael comes to the celebration, he used to Elena to attract Klaus but she is "killed" in the process. In the middle of the fight of Klaus and Damon, Katherine is revealed and attack the hybrids. Shortly after, Elena finds out what happened and tries to console Damon. Elena tells Damon that she accepts that Stefan is gone and never returned. ==Physical Appearance==Elena is an attractive, beautiful young woman with an oval face, almond-shaped brown eyes, and smooth, long dark brown hair (in the novels, she is described as having light blonde hair and lapis lazuli blue eyes). Her height is about 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique.



Elena looks exactly like and bears an uncanny resemblance to her ancestor, Katherine Pierce, who often poses as Elena. Although, even though Elena and Katherine look exactly the same in terms of physical appearance (as a result of being Petrova Doppelgängers), there are some slight differences between two girls ion terms of fashion and style. Elena is more casual, sporty and girl next door and doesn't wear a lot of make-up and fashionable clothes often. Elena favors wearing jeans, sneakers (Converses) and T-shirts, though she wears fashionable clothes for special occasions or formal events. Katherine's style, on the other hand, is more high maintenance and more seductive. Katherine favors wearing tight clothing, both shirts and pants, and often wears high heels, especially spike heels. Another distinct difference between Elena and Katherine's physical appearance is that Elena always wears her hair straight, while Katherine wears her hair softly curly. However, Katherine often straightens her hair in order to fool people and pose as Elena. Elena wore a special necklace containing the herb vervain in it (which is really the Original Witch, Esther's, talisman, which cannot be destroyed) given to her by her boyfriend and love interest, Stefan Salvatore. It protects her from vampire compulsion and can go with anything she wears. ==Relationships=====Stefan Salvatore===

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Elena and Template:Stefan.

Elena met Template:Stefan on his first day of school, though initially Stefan knew Elena long before their fateful and destined meeting. Stefan first fatefully met Elena on May 23rd, 2009, the day Elena and her adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, were in a fatal car accident at Wickery Bridge. Elena is immediately, intensely, undeniably, and indescribably attracted to and drawn to him when she first meets him. Aside from the indescribable, intense connection that Elena shares with Stefan, Elena found him to be extremely charming, intense, inscrutable, handsome and mysterious. Eventually, they deeply bonded, fell in love, and developed a strong, romantic relationship over time. They are enjoying their time together as a couple. Stefan later reveals his vampire nature after she pressed him, putting their relationship on a minor hold. Soon after, Elena warmed to Stefan being a vampire when realizing his "good nature." Recently, they broke up because of Katherine's actions against Elena, compelling Template:Jenna to attempt suicide. Even after Katherine is imprisoned in the tomb, she doesn't get back with Stefan though she still loves him as she wants to make sure her loved ones are safe. After Stefan is imprisoned in the tomb with Katherine, Elena rushes to the tomb but Template:Damon prevents her from entering. She bargains with Elijah to secure Stefan's release, which he grants. When Stefan arrives at her house after being set free, she runs into his arms and they kiss, resuming their relationship. Stefan and Elena seem to have an extremely positive relationship, and show this on many occasions - "It's you and me Stefan. Always." ===Damon Salvatore===
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File:Elena -Embraces -Damon.jpg

Elena and Damon

Elena found Template:Damon to be an arrogant and self-absorbed sadistic monster; the complete opposite of his brother. The hostile tension between the two lessen after she spent the day with Damon at a bar in Georgia for his own personal agenda in releasing Template:Katherine from the tomb. She warms up to Damon once he realized that Katherine wasn't trapped as he initially thought, comprehending with the fact that he is lonely and is desperately seeking love. The two later build somewhat of a close friendship, occasionally working together for the good of their friends and family. After Elena refuses to kiss Damon, he kills Jeremy (but he was brought back by the Gilbert ring, so Elena said to him, you have lost me forever.) It is revealed that Damon is in love with Elena, in several episodes, but was much more clear when he told Elena himself in Template:Rose, but later compels her to forget it. In Katerina, Damon gets involved with Rose and they have sex, but Damon still loves Elena and will give his best effort to help save Elena. In The Sacrifice, Damon and Elena return to Mystic Falls to find Stefan trapped in the tomb with Katherine; Elena panics and tries to run to him, but Damon restrains her. Stefan then makes Damon promise to protect Elena and Damon promises. Katherine then says to Stefan that that was the biggest mistake he'd ever made, as she thinks Damon will try to make a move on Elena with Stefan out of the picture. Damon, however, doesn't make any move on her though he continues to love and protect her. In The Last Dance he tells her if it ever comes down to her and Bonnie again he will know who to choose saying "I Will Always Choose You." In The Last Day though, Damon severely upsets Elena when he forces her to drink his blood to stop Elena dying in the sacrifice that Klaus has planned. Elena later breaks down in front of her boyfriend Stefan, and says that "I was supposed to grow up. Decide if I want to have kids and start a family. Grow old. I was supposed to have a lifetime of those choices, and now it's all gone. I don't want to be a vampire, Stefan. I never wanted to be one." Elijah also tells Damon that "She'll never forgive you. And 'never' for a vampire? It's a very long time." In the last episode of season 2, Elena takes care of Damon while he is sick. At the end of the episode. They talk and Damon tells her how he feels, Elena starts to cry and kisses him on the lips. In The Birthday , Elena continues to find a lead on Stefan . She also confesses to Caroline and Tyler , while making her party decorations , that she kiss Damon because she thought he was going to die , though Tyler thinks otherwise . Later her and Damon argue where Damon , tired and upset about Stefan killing Andie , tells Elena that " Stefan is gone and he's not coming back . Not in your lifetime." Elena then tear up. In the end of the episode , Stefan calls Elena and Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and that he should hold on to that . In The Hybrid, Elena ask Alaric for help to track down a wolf pack ; hoping to find Stefan . However , Damon surprisingly shows up and pushes Elena into the lake . After a talk about Damon giving up on Stefan , he agrees to help her before the full moon . Back at home , they have an emotional talk about Elena's feelings for Damon where she confesses that she worries about him . She ask why does he have to know this and Damon says it's because he wants her to remember all the things she felt before Stefan was gone . ===Bonnie Bennett===
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Elena and Template:Bonnie.

Elena and Template:Bonnie have been friends from since childhood. Bonnie has said that she "loves Elena like a sister" and has said that she would "die for her". They are very close and would do anything for each other. Since Bonnie's Grams died, she has alienated Elena for her relationships with Template:Stefan and Template:Damon. Bonnie told Elena that she likes Jeremy and Elena approved. When Bonnie has enough power to kill Klaus, she helps protect Elena. Although when Elena finds out that Bonnie will have to die to kill Klaus, she tries to stop her. But she thinks it's too late as Bonnie fakes her death. They later say sorry to each other over a webcam as Bonnie is in a safe house. ===Jeremy Gilbert===: Main article: Elena and Jeremy

Elena's adoptive brother and biological cousin: Jeremy Gilbert.

Elena has always protected Template:Jeremy. She even asked Template:Damon to take away his suffering (by compelling him) so he wouldn't remember anything about Vicki's death. He also blamed Elena for taking away his memories and says that it wasn't her call to make. He is only Elena's adoptive brother but it is found out that he is in fact her biological cousin. At the beginning of Season 2, Damon snaps Jeremy's neck after Elena snaps him emotionally, leaving Elena horrified and his friendship with her shattered. Though Jeremy came back to life as he was wearing the Gilbert Ring at the time of his "death". Elena continues to be cold to Damon throughout the season because of what he did to Jeremy though she eventually warms up to him. Elena loves Jeremy very much and goes to great lengths to protect him, even refusing his ring when she was linked to Katherine at the Masquerade Ball while the Salvatore Brothers were attacking Katherine, stating "No Jeremy, what I need is for you to be safe".
File:TVD - 2.21 - The Sun Also Rises.avi snapshot 37.40 -2011.05.06 23.39.26-.jpg

Jeremy and Elena

With Jeremy in on the secret of the supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls, Elena begins to confide him and Jeremy is in on helping keep Elena safe from Klaus. Jeremy let Bonnie use his blood since he is blood related to Elena after Elena is kidnapped by Rose and Trevor for a Locator Spell to find out where Elena is so Stefan and Damon can go rescue her and is greatly relieved when his sister returns home unharmed, giving her a warm embrace. ===Katherine Pierce===: Main article: Katherine and Elena
File:Ed19e808b9 71269060 o2.jpg

Katherine, as seen in Masquerade

Elena is the doppelgänger of Katherine Pierce, and Katherine is Elena's ancestor. They look alike because they are both Petrova doppelgängers. When Rose informs Elena about Klaus, Elena goes to see Katherine in the tomb, who had been imprisoned by the Salvatore Brothers. Katherine explains to Elena that she had a child in Bulgaria before she was transformed into a vampire, but her father sent the child away and she never saw the child again, thus continuing the Petrova bloodline. At first, Elena was oblivious to the fact that she looked exactly like Katherine but discovered a picture of Katherine in 1864 in Stefan's bedroom and was shocked by their resemblance to each other. Stefan later explained to Elena that she was adopted by her parents, meaning Elena and Katherine were probably related somehow. At the end of Season One, after John Gilbert kills all the tomb vampires, Katherine returns to Mystic Falls and poses as Elena. Damon kisses Katherine, believing she is Elena then Katherine is invited into Elena's house by Jenna. Katherine then attacks John Gilbert and stabs him just as the real Elena arrives home. Elena
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Katherine telling her story to Elena.

hears a noise in the kitchen and goes to investigate. She and Katherine do not meet at that particular instance but Katherine speeds around Elena's house, terrifying Elena. Elena and Katherine meet after Stefan tortures Katherine for information about her being in Mystic Falls. Katherine says she is back in Mystic Falls because she loves Stefan and wants to be with him and threatens Elena's loved ones if Elena doesn't break it off with Stefan. Elena and Stefan pretend to break up but Katherine is not fooled and compels Jenna to stab herself, causing Elena to break up with Stefan for real. After Katherine is imprisoned in the tomb, Elena goes to her for information about her past with Klaus and Katherine reveals that she and Elena are Petrova doppelgängers and in 1492, Klaus wanted to sacrifice Katherine to break the sun and moon curse but Katherine escaped and became a vampire. Katherine says Klaus will want to sacrifice Elena now, as she is a human Petrova doppelgänger and if she runs, he will kill everyone she loves, just like he did to Katherine's family in 1492. After Elena kills Elijah, Katherine is released from his compulsion and goes to the Salvatore House, telling Damon she wants to help them protect Elena. Even though Katherine kills Jonas, saving Elena's life, Elena still thinks the worst of Katherine, and it's unlikely her opinion of her will change any time soon. ===Caroline Forbes===: Main article: Caroline and Elena
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Elena and Caroline have been friends since childhood though Caroline is jealous of Elena and finds herself in competition with Elena for boys' affections. This is especially evident when Caroline takes an interest in Matt Donovan, Elena's ex-boyfriend who is not completely over Elena despite Elena being in a relationship with Stefan. Matt and Caroline begin to date though Caroline occasionally gets irritated by Matt and Elena's history and their present friendship. After Caroline is turned into a vampire by Elena's doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce, Elena supports Caroline through the first few weeks and helps her control her bloodlust. When Katherine threatens Matt, Caroline is forced to help Katherine break up Stefan and Elena, though Caroline eventually reveals this to Elena and Elena forgives her for it. Given she wasn't doing it voluntarily and was just trying to protect the man she loved. Elena and Caroline have since become much closer friends, with Caroline helping keep Elena safe from Klaus and keeping Elena's whereabouts a secret from Stefan upon Elena's request while Elena is down in the tomb talking to Katherine about Klaus. ===Jenna Sommers===: Main article: Elena and Jenna

Elena's aunt: Jenna Sommers

Elena and Jenna are very close to be just aunt and niece, but Jenna treats Elena as if she is one of her own. They get on well due to the fact they are similar in age. Elena keeps secrets from Jenna though, even Jenna has kept the secret that Elena was adopted. But since then their relationship is growing stronger, thus there is now a strain, due to Jenna thinking that Elena is the one who kissed Damon, though in reality it was Katherine. In Plan B, she was compelled by Katherine to stab herself and this lead to Elena breaking up with Stefan, as she feared for Jenna's safety as well as the rest of her friends and family. Katherine compelled Jenna to stab herself because she found out that Stefan and Elena were still in a relationship even though she had warned them not to. She is later seen in By the Light of the Moon, inviting Elijah into her home; unaware of him being a vampire. During the last episodes of season two, Jenna discovers the supernatural world and Elena tells everything. After the return of Alaric, Jenna feels much better knowing the truth and wanted to get ahead with Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric, unfortunately, Klaus turns into a vampire, and is staked her to comply with the sacrifice. Elena is shocked to learn that her family is dead because of her, but Jeremy says he still has her. ===Elijah===: Main article: Elena and Elijah

Elena and Elijah.

After stabbing Elijah with a dagger covered with white oak ash, Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore kept him in their basement to keep an eye on him, making sure that no one would remove the dagger (removing the dagger brings originals back to life). Elena a few episodes later in season 2 removes the dagger from his body in attempt to get some questions from him about the sun and the moon curse and also questions about Klaus. Elena eventually trusts Elijah and Elijah eventually trusts Elena. Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore are still speculating whether Elijah is telling the truth or not. Elijah believes there is a way to save Elena from Klaus's curse with his Elixir which was meant to be for Katherine Pierce 500 years ago. ===See also=== * Elena and Matt - Ex-boyfriend and now close friendship* Klaus and Elena* Damon, Elena and Stefan - Friendship and Romance* Elena, Caroline and Bonnie - Friendship* Elena, Jeremy and Jenna - The Gilbert Family ==Love relationship== ===Matt Donovan=== Start Up: Before the Pilot End Up: Before the Pilot Reason: Elena's parents died and Elena needs some time. ===Stefan Salvatore=== First relationship: Start Up: The Night of the Comet (1x02) End Up: Lost Girls (1x06) Reason: Elena finds that Stefan is a vampire and even though she loves him, she can not be with him because it's too dangerous. Second relationship: Start Up: The Turning Point (1x10) End Up: Plan B (2x06) Reason: Katherine wants that Elena and Stefan break up and for this she almost kill Jenna so Elena thinks that to stay together is to dangerous even if they break his heart. Third relationship: Start Up: By the Light of the moon (2x11) End Up: As I Lay Dying (2x22) Reason: Damon is bitten by a werewolf and Stefan is determined to find the cure. It turns out that the cure is the blood of Klaus. So Klaus gives him the cure if he leaves Mystic Fall with him because he has plans for him. This make the ending of his relationship with Elena as he left the city forever and not coming back. ==Appearances== Season 1*Pilot*The Night of the Comet*Friday Night Bites*Family Ties*You're Undead to Me*Lost Girls*Haunted*162 Candles*History Repeating*The Turning Point*Bloodlines*Unpleasantville*Children of the Damned*Fool Me Once*A Few Good Men*There Goes the Neighborhood*Let the Right One In*Under Control*Miss Mystic Falls*Blood Brothers*Isobel*Founder's Day Season 2*The Return*Brave New World*Bad Moon Rising*Memory Lane*Kill or Be Killed*Plan B*Masquerade*Rose*Katerina*The Sacrifice*By the Light of the Moon*The Descent*Daddy Issues*Crying Wolf*The Dinner Party*The House Guest*Know Thy Enemy*The Last Dance*Klaus*The Last Day*The Sun Also Rises*As I Lay Dying Season 3*The Birthday*The Hybrid*The End of The Affair*Disturbing Behavior*The Reckoning*Smells Like Teen Spirit*Ghost World*Ordinary People*Homecoming ==Novels==

Elena is blonde in the books.

In the books, she is described as beautiful and a popular girl in high school with long golden hair and lapis lazuli blue eyes (so much like Katherine, Stefan actually mistakes her for Katherine in the first novel). There are repeated references as to her looking like an angel. Over the course of the series, Elena transforms from a shallow, self-centered "ice queen" to a more loving, open-minded person because of her love for Stefan. Elena is madly in love with Stefan Salvatore. Though she does recognize that she also has feelings for Damon, his brother. She dies several times, becoming from human to vampire (after she gets enough blood from both brothers), to spirit (after an unknown power brings her back). She is torn between both brothers and she doesn't know who to choose. :For more info, see Elena Gilbert (novel). ==Trivia==*Elena is friends with Bonnie, Caroline and Meredith but in the series, Meredith hasn't appeared and Bonnie and Caroline are the Elena's best friends.*The first significant kill of Elena is a vampire Original: Elijah. In the books Elena kills Katherine.*Elena is the doppelgänger of Katherine.*Katherine is also her only living ancestor.*Elena had a relationship with Matt, but broke with him and begins a relationship with Stefan at the beginning of the series and books.
  1. REDIRECT User:Kasey Underwood*In the series, many physical and personality aspects of Elena in the books are passed to the character of Caroline Forbes.*In the books, Caroline hates Elena. In the series, Caroline wants to help Elena.*In the books, Elena becomes a vampire. In the series, Caroline becomes a vampire.*In the books, Elena is ready to become a vampire. In the series, Elena does not want to be a vampire.*In the books, Elena has blond hair. In the series, Elena has brown hair.*In the series, Elena has a younger brother named Jeremy and an aunt named Jenna. In books, Elena has a little sister named Margaret, an aunt named Judith, and an uncle named Robert.*In the series, Elena was a popular girl but kind In the books, Elena is a popular girl but selfish and strong*Damon tried to turn Elena into a vampire on two occasions. The first was when Stefan and Elena manage to find Emily's Grimoire. The second was when Elena is ready to die and Damon gives his blood to return her.*Unlike Damon, Stefan has given his blood to Elena to help and not to turn her into a vampire.*Both the first and second seasons end in the Gilbert house.**Season One: Elena enters the house to find John wounded.**Season Two: After being revived by Bonnie's magic, Jeremy hears noises and discovers that Vicki and Anna are in the kitchen as ghosts.*Elena is the only one that has neutralized 3 Originals (Elijah, Rebekah, and Mikael), but removed the dagger in two cases (Elijah & Mikael). Template:VD Characters