Born 6300 B.C.
Status Dead
Occupation Seamtress
Alias The Devil's Witch
Species Witch
Gender Female
Family members The Bennet Family
Significant spells Memory Steal (on Byron Jameson)

Immortality Spell (immunity to age and diseases, could be killed conventionally)

Significant kills Brendan Johnson
Cause of death 6257 B.C.
Killed by Byron Jameson
Played by Milla Jovovich
First seen Season 5 Premiere
Llith was a witch born in 6300 B.C. She was probably the most powerf

Llith, the oldest known witch

ul witch who has ever lived and has completed feats that no other witch has ever done. She created a spell for immortality and cast it on herself so that she could live forever, but the spell also allowed her to keep her magic .

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