The Hunter
Born Unknown
Status Immortal
Occupation Hunter

Species Unknown
Gender Male
Family members Unknown

Significant kills Stefan Salvatore
Tyler Lockwood
Katherine Pierce

The Hunter is mysterious individual of unknown species and origin. He seems to relish hunting any supernatural being purely for sport. He will even go after supernatural hunters if he thinks they are "worthy prey". He has killed witches, vampires, and even werewolves. He appears at the Mystic Falls Summer Barbecue searching for Jeremy Gilbert he dissapointed that he had yet to awaken to his true self he decided that he'd force him into remembering by killing innocent people. He accomplished this by subduing every vampire with vervain.

The Hunter then proceeded to kill innocent by standers starting with Stefan then Tyler and finally Katherine Peirce as a demonstration of what would happen to Elena. However when Jeremy's true self awakened a white light emerged and he grabbed The Hunter in the blink of an eye in what seemed like an explosion he threw The Hunter into th woulds where they did battle once more.

After hours of battling Jeremiah fled the area knowing those he knew believed he was dead and The Hunter followed leaving Mystic Falls for good.


Jeremiah first encountered the hunter centuries ago durring the 1400's. To Jeremiah's surprise the Hunter had just finished off the Five of the that generation when asked why he murdered his fellow humans the Hunter replied "Because I wanted a challenge which this sorry lot did not provide."

The Hunter then turned his attention to Jeremiah where they fought for hours until Jeremiah rammed him into a tree branch seemingly ending his life only to encounter the Hunter slaughtering a pack of werewolves on a fool moon fifty years later.


The Hunter is very sadistic and crafty he enjoys drawing his victims out and toying with them. However if his prey proves to be a "disappointment" he'll just out right kill them. The Hunter also seems to have little to know value for live what so ever and is obsessed with hunting the supernatural just for fun.


  • Jeremiah- The Hunter has been obsessed with killing Jeremiah for years and upon discovering that he had been made mortal saw his chance to attack the Mystic Falls Summer Barbecue. It was here he took some of the town citizens hostage going as far as to subdue the vampires and the hybrid Tyler with vervain. He then proceeded to kill a hostage for every hour that Jeremy would due nothing.


While Jeremiah does not know what the Hunter is he has long suspected he is the price for The Five's existence. As the five only hunt vampires and their tattoos make their order unkillable the Hunter may exist to hunt the five. He based this on the fact that the Hunter's most favorite are hunter's, witches, and potential hunter's.