Raphael stood their smoking a Cigarette and saw a 2013 Audi pull-up next to him the lights went off and a teenager with hair the color of midnight  along with pure black eyes, slim but a athletic build and obino like-skinned and when he spoke the U.K accent kicked in, " Ello, Raphael been awhile mate " , Gabriel stood their looking at a family friend. " So Gabe, my man are you still human " , He pursed his lips and stared intently into his eye's. Gabriel nodded toward his car and got in Raphael following to the passenger seat than Dustin came though 20 minutes late it was good to see him. " Ello, Dustin mate it's been awhile since we seen each-other " , Gabriel smiled than Dustin said, " Let's kill vampires ", Dustin hopped in and they drove to the Mystic Falls grill at 10:00 and as they entered they put vervain on their hands and touched a unexpected girl and her brother who were visibly hurt. Gabriel smirked, " Everyone in here, vampires are in here to lemme prove it " , He put vervain on both boy and girl than all people just ran out. " So are you guys dating or brother & sister " , The boy spoke up " That's my sister " , Gabriel lifted the boy than stuck his hand in the boy's stomach and pulled out a rib than tore out his heart. The sister stood up and than quickly beat the crap out of Dustin and than Raph stood out of the way Gabriel stepped forward the snapped her neck violently than took her outside and jumped to the roof. He grabbed a long pole and stuck it their than tied her to it to burn in the morning. " Well, it seems as if this town has become really supernatural " ,Lucifer stood their with his arms cross than wrapped his hand around Raphael's neck and crushed it with force. Raphael dropped to the ground limp. He looked at Gabriel, " Cause you have the power of Lucius Menes does not mean you could go around like a Sheriff and killing thing's, I am Immortal before time I was made the son of the first immortal and a Stubborn uncle which makes me the third ever Immortal, I am capable of becoming powerful and once I refill from that girl well let's just say I powered up " , He ran to the girl and drained her completely. " So long Hunters, O and tell the Menes family, that I will find my Uncle and we will bring hell to that family.