Damien Wilson entered the Mystic Falls Grill and looked around the rise of his master had to be on the day, he became a Vampire in 2 days. He needed the blood of a Warlock and Vampire than he had to sacrifice 8 females and 8 males. Damien saw a girl and compelled her immediately to follow him. She trailed him slowly and he walked toward the back and turned sharply than returned her to normal. " Hello, Stephanie is that your name " , He smiled evily than grabbed her arm and wrapped his other arm around her neck the bit in her neck, the sweet smell of blood spilling on his lips and into his mouth. He had a close-friend who was a Warlock and told him to meet at Mystic Falls. Many vampires were in this town so it should not be hard. The next day he already had killed 8 females and 8 males and needed the blood now. He felt weird as if somebody familiar lingered around as her turned a blur had already caught up to him and in a surprise attack, Katerina Petrova had knocked him off his feet and into a brick wall. Damien smirked and said " Katerina, you could do better am I right deary " , He got up and than grabbed a trash can and flung it at her than grabbed her and started drinking her blood until she passed out. He grimly wiped the blood from his mouth and entered the blood inside his mouth into a tiny container. His phone rang and Jason his Warlock friend had arrived and would meet him at the high school. They met up on the football field and he got right down to buisness and broke his leg and drained him by the wrist. He than put the blood in a container than snapped his friend's neck killing him. He broke into the grill than opened the secret spot and went through than started down his path he made for months and years. He saw a Casket and pulled it out than opened it slight than all the way looking at the third vampire in creation. He took the little vials and put them in Lucifer's mouth than left knowing it would take an hour or so to awaken. Damien had done and on the way back grabbed a human for a sacrifice. As he went down and looked into the casket it was empty. Lucifer stood behind Damien and grabbed him than started drinking his blood draining him of all his blood than the girl. He looked down and said " I'm back " , His eye's glowed and he left.